Tank Wars

Tank Wars 1.1

Defeat the enemy tank behind the hills as soon as possible!

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Tank Wars is one of those 1-to-1 firing games that range from Scorched Earth and Qbasic Gorrilla to the Worms saga. In this case, it looks more like the first two... you get the idea?
In this case, you and your opponent are tanks, set apart with green hills. The game is very simple: playing in turns, you have to aim and fire at your opponent in order to make a hole beneath him and push him down, to the "sea". You can fire with your normal gun or to choose from several types of gun ammo, some of them being very crazy. Of course, such ammunition is limited, except for the normal gun.

The graphics are extremely poor, with just a couple of vectors and sprites for the entire scene; and you will have no sound at all, so if you are looking for an eye-catching action realism, just keep looking elsewhere. This is a flash-based game. As such, you can play it online, directly from the author's web page, or download it to your PC if you prefer.

In sum, at the first sight you will notice a very poor and limited game, but if you give it a chance and play a couple of matches, you may get some fun.

Review summary


  • It's somewhat addictive


  • Poor graphics
  • Limited game modes
  • No 2-player mode
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